La Brique from Malaysia to the Mediterranean

Harbours and Anchorages, January to May 2006

Lars and Ann-Christine Folker

La Brique på Fyrisån

Circumnavigation complete, La Brique arriving in Upsala

Langkawi Malaysia.

January 4, anchors away and heading west.

Uligamu Maldives.

17 nights at sea.
A wide and easy passage through the reef, position 07d 04,24’N 72d 56,50’E
Anchored in 17 meter, position 07d 05,00’N 72d 55,07’E

Clearing in and out was easy. Cost 4 usd.
Diesel was available but other supplies were limited.
A nice relaxed island with good snorkelling and friendly people.


20 nights at sea.
Anchored in the harbour outside the former yacht club, position 11d 36,02’N 43d 08,03’E
Clearing in and out took some time, but was fairly easy except for all the ‘boatboys’ in the harbour. Cost: Visa 20 usd per person, Harbour fee 35 usd.
Diesel was available at the petrol station, 5 minutes with taxi from the dingy dock.
Good food stores with French food and wine to high French prices.

All other shopping, water, taxi, souvenirs, took very long time with a huge amount of bargaining.

Handa Deset Island.

3 nights at sea.
Anchored south of the island, position 14d 46,58’N 40d 47,98’E
OK, but open for east and southeast winds.

Massawa Eritrea.

2 nights at sea.
First night alongside the pier, position 15d 36,62’N 39d 28,40’E. Very uncomfortable in the easterly wind.
Clearing in and out: Visa 2 days free after that 40 usd per person.
Moved to inner anchorage, position 15d 36,61’N 39d 27,73’E. A good and protected anchorage but a long dingy ride to the ‘dingy dock’.

Diesel and water were sometimes available via Mike.
Bread and vegetables were usually available in the stores and the small market.
A poor country with very friendly people.
Tedros Tekeste, chief mechanic on the tugboat Adulis is a good mechanic and managed to repair our cooling pump with local parts.

Reef Island.

2 nights at sea
Anchored, position 18d 45,20’N 37d 43,84’E

Shubuk Channel

A sheltered but narrow passage.
Eyeball navigation necessary due to missing buoys and unreliable C-Map charts.

Marsa Sheikh Ibrahim.

On the way in to the marsa we passed position 18d 52,98’N 37d 25,79’E
Anchored, position 18d 52,79’N 37d 24,87’E

Marsa Ata

On the way in to the marsa we passed position 19d 16,85’N 37d 19,96’E
Anchored, position 19d 17,35’N 37d 19,78’E

Marsa Fijab.

On the way in to the marsa we passed position 20d 01,39’N 37d 12,64’E
Anchored, position 20d 01,95’N 37d 11,50’E

Marsa Abu Imama.

2 nights at sea.
On the way in to the marsa we passed position 21d 30,23’N 36d 58,16’E
Anchored, position 21d 29,36’N 36d 57,20’E

Marsa Sharm Luli.

3 nights at sea.
On the way in to the marsa we passed position 24d 36,95’N 35d 07,35’E
Anchored, position 24d 36,54’N 35d 06,97’E

There is a military post in the bay and they will check your passports. If you have not yet cleared in to Egypt they keep them during your stay in the marsa.
The local fishermen can get you food and diesel from town.


Our C-Map charts were not good enough to find our way in to any of the Marsas. Good daylight is important. Already at 3 a clock in the afternoon it is difficult to se the reef south-southwest of you

Port Ghalib Marina Egypt.

1 night at sea.
On the way in to the marina we passed position 25d 32,01’N 34d 38,56’E

This is a good port of entry for Egypt. The prices for clearing in and cruising permit were very favourable, 20 usd. You can also get your visa here, but we arranged ours in Eritrea.
Port Ghalib is a tourist town under construction. 2006 it was only the marina and one hotel that were ready, but when it is finished it will be a very civilised place to visit.
Diesel is available.

A small but good food store about 20 minute walk from the marina.
Good restaurants at the dive hotel.

Abu Tig Marina Egypt.

1 night at sea.
On the way in to the marina we passed position 27d 24,59’N 33d 40,87’E.
A good and modern marina that is a part of the big tourist centre El Gouna.
Diesel is available.

Good food and restaurants.
A safe place to leave your boat for a tour inland.
From here we contacted the agent Felix in Port Suez to arrange for our Suez Canal passage.

Port Suez Yacht Club.

2 nights at sea.
Moored in position 29d 56,84’N 32d 34,40’E
We did never leave the boat. Agent Felix came aboard with all papers and arranged measurements, pilot and everything else for the canal transit.
Transit cost: 348 usd including 48 usd for overtime (we transited on a public holiday) and 50 usd for ‘gifts’.

Ismailia Yacht Club.

Moored in position 30d 35,12’N 32d 16,36’E
A nice and safe stop half way through the canal.
We left the boat here and took the bus to Cairo.

Diesel available at the local petrol station. Very low prices but the guard at the gate expect a gift (2 packages of cigarettes) to let you take maximum 2 cans into the marina.
Good food stores with low prices.

Port Said

April 30.
Dropped the pilot to a pilot launch and headed direct out into the Mediterranean.

Four month later we were back in Uppsala, Sweden, and moved from La Brique into our new house.

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